Matías Cano

Diagonal pattern generated by different screens of the application

Accessibility app

Accesibilizar Patrimonio

Accesibilizar patrimonio, is a project that tries to eliminate barriers, so that all people can enjoy the cultural heritage of my city, making them more accessible in inclusive ways.

The Challange

The problem was access for people with disabilities to the cultural heritage of the city. Being able to perceive and learn from each their history, as well as being able to circulate in them safely.

My Rol

My role in the project was UX research, UX designer.

UX techniques used

Benchmarking, Interviews, UML, Usability testing, prototypes.


UML graph
Inicial UML of user config

User Testing

Portait of an elderly person in the garden of Villa Victoria
Photo of an elderly person with visual impairment, user test participant

The Solution

The creation of a mobile application, which with the use of bluetooth technology, can obtain information about the environment and the history of the heritage. A backend was created to manage the sensors and the information content, a mobile application and beacons were used as sensors.

Diffents mobile screens
Evolution of the prototypes until the final design after the different user tests.

Upcoming improvements

Currently is a beta version, we need more user testing and is the first time when we can prove in bigger public. It's a MVP of the product, we will iterate with differents test and adjunstments to garantice a better user xpirence and inclusion.

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